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"No Weapons Allowed" concealed carry signs showing up at Kenosha businesses | News

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"No Weapons Allowed" concealed carry signs showing up at Kenosha businesses

On the second day of concealed carry in Wisconsin, there are still many that are not sure where they can, and cannot carry a weapon.

At UW-Parkside Wednesday, students had a lot of questions.

Wednesday was a normal afternoon at Lou Perrine's gas station in Kenosha, except that there was something new - a sign on the door, telling customers to leave their weapons at home.

"I, myself, I have guns. I am going to get my concealed carry, but I just feel it is not necessary," Owner Anthony Perrine said.

Perrine made the decision after talking with employees, but he wasn't sure how to keep guns out.

"I actually called my lawyer this morning because we had questions. It`s so weirdly written," Perrine said.

Luckily for Perrine, in Kenosha County, the sheriff's department is handing out signs for free to businesses who don't want weapons inside.

"There is a lot of confusion down here in Kenosha," Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said.

Beth made the signs available to try to help ease the learning curve.

"If I were to bike across the property, would I be in violation and possibly face arrest and revocation of my permit?" UW-Parkside employee, Bob Zimla asked Wednesday.

Zimla attended a question and answer session with campus police, to get some clarification on their policy.

"It`s not a concern as long as they don`t bring it in the buildings," one police officer said.

While the question and answer attendees know the ins and outs of the new law, down in the cafeteria at UW-Parkside, students seemed confused.

"I didn`t know anything about it until I was approached by you," one student said.

Officials say it is a learning curve, for a new law, that will take all of us awhile to get used to.

"Just don`t need it to turn into the O.K. Corral at my gas station one night, so I just feel better to be safe and put the 'no gun' sign in here," Perrine said.

At UW-Parkside, no concealed carry weapons are allowed inside the buildings.

The Kenosha County Sheriff's office says if you'd like one of the free signs, just stop by their offices, or you can download and print the signs at the sheriff's department website.


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